Beach Weddings|Micro or Big

There’s something incredibly romantic about a sunset with waves crashing in the back. Add in your closest family and friends and your very special partner and you have the perfect setting.

There are so many ways you can decorate for your special day on a beach. Your arch can set the tone for the vibe you are going for. With a Bamboo Arch it’s easy to stick with a beachy theme. Add in some starfish dangling from the arch and along your aisle for a great touch. Add color with sashes on your chairs and it’ll give the perfect pop of color you may be wanting.

Some brides choose to go with a wooden or acrylic arch which can elevate your event and give it a more “upscale” feel. You can upgrade your chairs to Chiavari’s or fancier folding chairs. Line your aisle with glassware and candles to give off a romantic feel, that will just add to the already special moment.

Adding an aisle runner is one way to define your aisle. Grass reed bamboo aisle runners are perfect for that. They allow the sand to sift through the holes and give you a clear pathway to your significant other.

Either way you choose to go, you can never go wrong on the beach.


Some Helpful Tips!

You don’t need chairs for all your guests. Think about the elderly guests and people who have a hard time standing for periods of time. With that in mind you can cut some cost and forgo seating for everyone on your guest list.

It’s no secret, walking on the sand is hard for some people. We’ve had some customers ask us to set up a chair or 2 before their guests get to the ceremony location. This allows people who may have a hard time walking to take a break before continuing to the ceremony site. You want your guests to be comfortable and adding this type of convenience lets your guests know they are important and you are so glad they are able to celebrate this moment with you!

Beach permits, do you really need one? In short, YES! I know it may seem like it’s no big deal but it ensures your special day to go off without any problems. With your permit, no one is allowed to use that space but you in the allocated time the city gives you. Melissa from Classy Event Rentals said “We had an event once where the client didn’t have a permit. We set up where they wanted it and 5 minutes later a groom from a different wedding walked up and said they couldn’t have their ceremony there. Because this groom had a permit our couple had to move locations. Incurring an added expensive since there was an extra breakdown and set up and their guests were a little confused as to where they were expected to go. Planning as best as you can is all you can do, but ensuring you have a permit is one less thing you will need to worry about. Always check with the city that will be hosting your beach ceremony so you can ensure there are no “extra” things they expect from you.”

Helpful Tips & Rentals Provided By – Classy Event Rentals
Photo Credit- Ryann Winn Photography & Other


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