Draping And What it Can Do For Your Event!

Draping is used for so many things. You can close in a space to make it feel more intimate, Set the tone for an entrance, use it as a backdrop to frame out what’s most important to you and so much more.  Oh, and don’t forget the accessories!

Let’s look at some of the different ways you can use draping!

Closing in a room…

So, you found the perfect venue. You have a big room but your guest count doesn’t fill up the space. When this happens, it can make the room feel empty and impersonal. Leaving your guest feeling disconnected than if the room was smaller, bringing everyone closer together. In a situation like this, you can use pipe and drape to close in the room. Creating 4 walls and entrances, which allows you to make your room as big or as little as you’d like.


When your venue is an open space and you need to use it as your ceremony, cocktail, and reception, you will need to define these areas. By creating a “wall” of draping, it helps with dividing aspects of your event seamlessly and without interruption. Often times leaving guests with a “grand” entrance feeling, as they walk from one event to the next.


Some couples choose an arch to frame out their very special moment. However, draping is a very popular option as well. With such a memorable and photogenic occasion, framing out you and your honey is a very important item to not overlook. Capture your “I do’s” and photos with a beautiful layer of draping. Add florals or accessories which will give you the over the top feeling so many are looking for.



Who doesn’t like a grand entrance? The element of surprise is what brides strive for. The moment your guests see you enter the room is a very special moment that can set the tone for your big day. By creating an entrance, you can go as dramatic or as simple as you’d like.


Certain areas require special attention. It may be your exquisite cake, a memory table that is held in honor of your loved ones, and let’s not forget you and your significant other. Anything that is important to you should be showcased. By adding draping, whether it’s with design, custom drapes, or showstopping accessories, it’s the perfect way to highlight things that are most momentous to you.



Let’s face it, at times, there can be eyesores in your room. Whether it’s pictures the venue won’t allow you to take down or the color of the walls that clash with your color scheme. It is possible to hide such things in a tasteful manner. You can drape a wall or just a certain section. It would be a great way to hide something and showcase a table that is meaningful to you. In theory your killing two birds with one stone. Win-Win!

Ceiling Draping…

Drama is what comes to mind when someone is thinking about adding ceiling draping to their space. This type of draping is usually an added bonus to any event. Once again, it’s another way to close in the room and make it feel more intimate with an added touch of drama. Most of the time it requires a site visit from the rental company to measure your space and determine placement and equipment required to hang it safely.



A girl with her jewelry is what accessories are to your draping. Not only do you have options in the color and textures, but you can also add so many fun and dramatic items. Crystal curtains, Terrarium balls that house candles, valances, and floral arrangements. You can also have something you’d like added that is more personalized, like custom initials that can be hung or a specific type of fabric from your culture that you’d like intertwined with your draping. Either way, there’s really no holds bar to the things you can add to either personalize or make it stand out from the crowd.

Some things to keep in mind when trying to get a quote which can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with the terms. Draping comes in “sections”. Some rental companies’ pipe and drape are adjustable, and some are fixed, which means set in footage and cannot be expanded. Each “section” you use will build on to each other giving you the total footage that you will inevitably need. When calling for a quote these are some things you need to know. How many feet in length do you need? Is there a certain height you prefer the draping to be?  Is there a particular color you need? Do you have a design in mind, or do you just want the drapes hanging straight down? Are you wanting any accessories added? In most cases, a design drape will cost more than just a basic hanging drape. Some companies may offer different types of fabric. If you aren’t familiar with these types of fabric you may want to see them in person. Some companies will draw up a design just by speaking with you and listening to the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Also, it’s never a bad idea to have a photo available to convey your vision to the company you are thinking about hiring, that way you are both on the same page.

Pipe and drape has been around for quite some time but with trending ideas and pushing the limit on what can be done, it certainly is no longer just a “tradeshow” item. Draping can add so much to your event and make sure the photos that you will cherish for many years to come, will showcase the special moments that you want to stand out and emphasize. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and push the envelope to achieve the look and message you are trying to send your guests!

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