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    For many years, the social networking Vkontakte is the most famous platform for communication, creativity and entertainment in Russian federation and also the CIS countries. Created as being a European analogue of Facebook or twitter, the Vkontakte network has very long exceeded its prototype in terms of efficiency and number of choices. By the way, until 2019, it was possible to register on Vkontakte using a Facebook profile, while confirming your mobile phone number. But by right now, signing up by means of Facebook has stopped being accessible. Even before, right up until 2012, it absolutely was easy to register on Vkontakte with out a phone number. So, why is the procedure for confirming a mobile number made mandatory?

    Why enter your phone number in VK?

    The mobile phone number linked to your web page is merely a warranty of the protection of the details, and facts that you are the owner from the webpage. Utilizing a mobile variety, you can bring back the web page in case of a security password loss, in addition to possessing a phone number will make it much more difficult for hackers to crack the page. Moreover, a Vkontakte site connected to a phone number reveals an entire array of social networking opportunities for that consumer. When you detach the phone number from the site (by way of example, by making a new web page for the very same variety), then almost every click on you will need to verify by entering a captcha, which causes severe inconvenience and irritation.

    However, many people are alarmed by the obligation to indicate their personal phone number on Vkontakte. But significant drawback – anyone who knows your mobile number can easily find the Vkontakte profile registered to this number, this is because this procedure has one non-obvious.

    Should I register in VK without a phone number?

    Regrettably, sign up on Vkontakte without having specifying a phone number is now extremely hard. However, for customers who would like to keep their privacy on the net, or produce an additional Vkontakte information without having investing in a new Simulator credit card, there is one way out. There is a particular support that will provide you with a 1-time quantity for VK. You will not only confirm your registration on Vkontakte, but also maintain your anonymity, by creating a page for such a number.

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